On the 2nd day of August, 1901, the name Spalding Mills Baptist Church was given and the Articles of Faith were prepared at the first recorded conference. Application for membership in the Flint River Baptist Association was in September 1901. On November 21, 1901, the Building Committee Presbytery voted on the plans for a building to house the church. The land for the building was donated to the church by the Spalding Mills Company.

Building began in the early part of 1902, by in November of the same year the church building was still incomplete.

In 1902 records show that the church had 82 members. Church membership grew to 158 members in 1904. In 1904 the church obtained a loan from the State Mission Board (SMB) to finish the church. The SMB received the title and deed to the land and building as security for the loan. The SMB held the title for 56 years. Church membership grew again in 1905 and 1906 to 252. Other denominations began to meet in the area and membership dropped to 141 in 1907. In 1909 Spalding Mill Baptist held a revival and received 70 new members; but then by 1912, the membership had dropped to 75.

On October 18, 1916 the name of the church was changed to East Griffin Baptist Church (EGBC). The Sunday school was organized in 1916. The Women's Missionary Union was organized in 1921, the Baptist Young People's Union was organized in 1922; the first Vacation Bible School was in 1924 and a budget system in 1927. A full-time ministry was begun in 1939.

Missions and church planting have always played a role in the early life of EGBC. In 1903 members helped organize the Rushton Mills Baptist Church; in 1948 a mission was established in Huckaby Circle (later to be known as Edwards Street Baptist Church); in 1951 a mission was begun in Powell Town; Hatchett Town mission began in 1954 later becoming Plainview Baptist Church.

Up until 1940 there was only a Sanctuary with areas being curtained off for Sunday School classes. In 1940 eight Sunday school rooms were added. In 1947 four more Sunday school rooms, two restrooms, and a Pastor's study were added (presently the rear section of the main church building behind the baptistry). In 1949 there was a tornado and the church building suffered damage. The church worshipped in a tent while repairs were being made. During repairs the church was enlarged 20 feet, the baptistry and choir loft were rearranged, a foyer was built and a church steeple was added suitable for housing chimes. In November 1955 the Education Building was started with dedication in November 1957. The stained-glass windows were installed in 2001.

This is an abbreviated history was taken from previous versions and records and is not meant to be all-inclusive nor does it highlight all historical events incurred by the church. It does show, however, that East Griffin Baptist Church once was and always will continue to be a mission-minded church. "We Care For You" is appropriately our motto.